This is a call for women writers to submit an article for Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ future volumes. It is a journal written by women for women. The journal address issues that concern women entrepreneurs. Novice and experienced writers can submit articles.

Articles must meet the following criteria:

  • Original articles written by the person making the submission
  • You must have the legal rights to make the submission
  • Must be able to provide us with the rights to publish the article


We are in search of photographers for our upcoming volume. We are looking for amateur or professional photographers to submit their work for approval for our future volumes of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal ™.

The photography must meet the following criteria:

  • Still life photography that reflects places and people
  • Photography about Nature Landscape and cityscape (beauty, serenity, scenic, tranquility, etc.)
  • Photo journalism where the photos tell a story about an event or incident through a single photograph
  • The image can be coloured or black and white
  • Send a digital file of your photography for review

After your submission(s) are reviewed, we will let you know if your writing or photograph(s) have been chosen. Participation in the development of the Journal is based upon your voluntary interest to participate in this project. No other compensation will be made available.

Submission is FREE. The photographer will be given recognition for her submission(s). If your work is accepted, you will be asked to submit a short biography and head shot that will be included in our acknowledgement.

If you are interested in contributing to Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ contact Dr. Cheryl Cottle at:

*We are accepting entries from January, 2014, with the publication scheduled for December, 2014.